About Stalwart

It’s easy to find financial professionals who are eager to sell you investments and other products.

At Stalwart Financial Planning, we don’t sell any products.  Our goal is broader: We advise you on how to meet your overall financial goals through sound financial planning, and we do so in a conflict-free environment.

We firmly believe sound financial planning and advice are backed by deep expertise and experience and grounded in knowing the only result that matters is your success.  This is why we practice the Fee-Only financial planning model.


When you engage Stalwart Financial Planning for advice or investment management, you can be assured of getting:


  • Robust Advice without a sales pitch – As independent, fee-only advisors, we never receive compensation for investments you make. All recommendations are objective, thoughtful, and tailored to your needs.
  • Robust Advice for your goals – We offer full service portfolio management, investment advice for the do-it-yourselfers, to those desiring a comprehensive approach.
  • Robust Advice that educates – We want you to feel good about your investments and comfortable that you will achieve your financial goals with smart decisions. We strive to eliminate your financial stress and uncertainty with our clear reports, friendly discussions, and expert recommendations.


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