April 24, 2017:  Stalwart Financial Planning’s Isaac Allen was recently quoted in US News and World Report, “If you can pay off the mortgage, that definitely is a plus for reducing your expenses in retirement,” says Isaac Reginald Allen, a certified financial planner and founding principal of Stalwart Financial Planning in Fayetteville, North Carolina. “When you have a home, if you move and relocate and downsize, you can free up some of that money to be able to utilize in retirement.”



June 25, 2016: After the BREXIT vote Isaac Allen of Stalwart Financial Planning was quoted in the Fayetteville Observer about how U.S. investors should respond.  “The big thing is hold tight until we can figure out an attack plan,” Allen said. “And even then, it will still be ‘hold tight’ for a lot of people.”



  TWC NewsJanuary 20, 2016:  After the market chaos of today.  Isaac Allen of Stalwart Financial Planning tells Time Warner Cable News that investors should hold on for the long term.  “Do not panic”.


February 23, 2015 President Barack Obama quotes Garrett Planning Network founder Sheryl Garrett

The President of the United States Quoting Sheryl Garrett

See the President’s full remarks here.

And the Department of Labor has a great, one minute video that helps explain why the President cites Sheryl Garrett as one of the good ones


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